Enquiries? CALL US: +91 9061652754 | +91 7339542223 info@stabils.com
Enquiries? CALL US: +91 9061652754 | +91 7339542223 info@stabils.com


Who we are

Stabil is the master and innovator of the prefabricated shipping container building industry. Having worked on turnkey joinery projects for 15 years, our team of experienced professionals now combine their knowledge and outstanding aftersales care to offer unique, sustainable, eco-friendly housing solutions.We have a fully-equipped manufacturing facility based in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India, along with an OEM manufacturing unit in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

Our Recent Projects


What we do


Design, Fabrication and Installation

Prefabricated BOX Structures

We are specialized in providing one stop solution for your complete prefabricated building project. From Site inspection, Location selection, Feasibility studies, Incorporation of client requirements in the conceptual design, Fabrication, Transportation, Installation and Commissioning of your project.


CCTV / Biometric

System Incorporation

Security and Safety are primary concerns in the modern time living. We can provide video surveillance and access controlled systems in the structure as per modern standards.


Solar / Windmill

Systems Incorporation

No need to look around for conventional power sources, if you are planning to have an off grid living. There are many advantages associated with renewable energy from Solar or windmill. We have tie-ups with leading renewable energy service providers in the industry. We can incorporate the systems in the project during the design stage itself.


Customized Furniture Solutions

Normal and for Container

We provide Custom made furniture solutions for your projects, such as Built in cabinets, Special office furniture, Laboratory furniture, Modular kitchens… etc.


Why to choose Stabils


With experienced, professional team members and a practical approach to building, Stabil Builders Pvt Ltd is the most trusted name in the prefabricated shipping container building industry. We proudly lead with passion, integrity and excellence, supplying innovative solutions and using environmentally-conscious materials and methods.

Real Experts

Stabil’s designers and manufacturers are experts in all stages, from the initial concept to the end result and beyond. Our aftersales care and customer service are second to none, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Clients Satisfaction

Our culture of collaboration means everyone is working towards a common goal; to meet the demands of our clients and exceed their expectations. We focus on making each and every project a success, offering a complete solution and working closely with all parties to realise the client’s vision.


Office: Stabil Builders Private Limited, 1/370, Malumichampatti Village, Guruvayur Nagar,Coimbatore–641050, Tamilnadu, India

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